The Long and Winding Road to Publication

 For years I have written stories  about anything and everything. Inspired by work , travel, family  and events.  But the best stories usually evolve from a small observation. A character on the street, a conversation or just  a strange turn of words.  Anything can spark a story and result in a hurried note on the back of a  Kitkat wrapper.

I started marketing my work two years ago   – mostly  short stories for competitions and  magazines. The rejections stacked up to a rather impressive heap until I was  published in ‘The People’s Friend ‘.  When the letter arrived – not  the usual bulky one  with the returned  manuscript and  ‘thanks but no thanks’ – but a wonderful acceptance letter  in a long white envelope, I was euphoric. I had sold a story.

Here we go, I thought!  Onward and upward. So I returned to my keyboard and my short story writing  with renewed vigour  and an ever so slightly swollen head .

Then three months of  nothing !!   Oh well at least I had copies (lots in fact) of the magazine to prove that I at last had made it into print.  But what had that story got what the others hadn’t? I still do not know the answer to that – it certainly was not the best one I had written. I suspect it was down to the right story, at the right time, landing on the right person’s desk .

     Anyway, abandoning short stories for a while, I decided to work on my historical novel, having fallen in love with the  Napoleonic period – not hard when you live  close to historic  Jane Austen country.  So the story of Hetty Avebury and her pressing need to find a hero was created and finished about a year ago .

Since then I have been seeking a publisher – another round of submissions , synopsis,    suspense.   Then…… drum roll

 I am delighted to announce  that my novel Only a Hero Will Do is due to be published  as an e-book in July 2012 by  Musa publishing  under the Aurora Regency imprint.  


The first hurdle over – the next is spreading the word.  Please  re-visit my  website/blog  for updates of Only a Hero will Do – and other things! .




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