Yes, I do wear bunny slippers! Four confessions from Shona

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Four things that I confess  – by Shona Turner,  leading lady of   The Man in the Buff Breeches.

1.  Yes, I do wear bunny slippers. I purchased them at a charity craft fair.  Please buy us, they begged me, with those big plastic woeful eyes.  They comfortably curl around my feet on many a cold London evening.  Although, I do confine them to graze in the wardrobe when I’m entertaining, after cruel remarks about them being passion killers.

2.  I have rotten taste in men, so they never fail to disappoint me. I have a degree in         psychology, which should make me good at judging a person’s character. But I wonder why I bothered, I might just as well have studied Klingon when it comes to choosing boyfriends.

3.  I collect elephants -model ones of course.  Oh how interesting, I hear you yawn. But let me tell you, those bloody elephants have a lot to answer for.  And when your latest, gorgeous looking boyfriend prefers to talk about your collection instead of….  I’ll just say it was a night the bunnies were safely enclosed in the wardrobe.

4.  The Regency period leaves me cold with all that bowing, stilted speech and face fanning.  But my best friend Lyn, who was there for me whilst I battled and overcame cancer, is passionate about all thing Regency.  So I feel obliged to squash my aversion and let her rope me into functions that I would rather walk on hot coals than attend.  But as it turned out, attending a Regency themed ball triggered the start of the most romantic, bizarre and scary weeks of my life.

Ill tell you all about it in The Man in The Buff Breeches  published by Musa Publishing . Also available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble 

themaninthebuffbreeches-200What is it about men in breeches? Shona finds out her dream man turns out to be not at all what she expected.

When a man in tight buff breeches examines her with his quizzing glass and calls her Miss Bennet, Shona fears the Regency themed ball is going to be as awful as she predicted. But then she is introduced to the gorgeous Nick who ticks every box for her perfect man.

As Shona looks forward to her first date with Nick, her happiness is marred by some disturbing observations around her flat. She doesn’t usually leave her blind rolled down that far, and she never keeps her bunny slippers tidily by the bed. And what is the man in the buff breeches doing lurking on the street outside?

As both men pursue her, Shona finds one makes her body                                                         quiver with desire, the other itch with annoyance. Then                                                               the men finally confront each other, and her life turns into                                                            a nightmare. Can her judgement regarding the male species                                                          really be so seriously flawed? Click here for excerpt

For details of The Man in The Blue Flowered Shorts   and other publications please visit my website at or  author page at,  AmazonUK or Barnes & Noble for further details of all my books.



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