Going on Holiday ? Why not take ‘ The Man in the Blue Flowered Shorts.’ Free on Amazon 17/18 April

On a  cold, crowded  Monday morning, weaving  in a sluglike shuffle  of seasidetraffic, you really appreciate that special week or so in the year when you can count on a bit of something different.  THE HOLIDAY. A small window of freedom from the daily grind. In fact, the  anticipation of a holiday is as  therapeutic as the actual event. The  promise of  sun, sea and endless cocktails lifts your slumped shoulders and eases your frustration. You can almost smile at the lycra cyclist, swerving  around you like a demented wasp, determined not to be delayed by man, beast or even the traffic lights. Imagine the soft  sand trickling between your toes as they hover patiently over the accelerator pedal. Now you can even wave fondly to the  driver behind you, honking his horn, trying to force you kamikaze style, into the unrelenting traffic  at the junction. Even the rain puddles  take on a blue  sparkle, as you  consider those inviting essentials you have to pack. Suncream, sunglasses  and those quirky summer  outfits that normally you wouldn’t be seen dead in on home ground. But what is  a holiday for, if  not to shake off the normal you, and be who the hell you want to be – just for a week or so. Are you going on holiday?  Then you might like to take  The Man in the Blue Flowered Shorts  – Free on Amazon  17/18 April.   A fun filled romantic mystery,which will go nicely with a cocktail and a sun lounger. Get your copy from Amazon.com here.  Or Amazon UK here  themaninthebluefloweredshorts-300  blog image

Lyn enjoys reading romance novels, especially when she can combine it with relaxing in the Caribbean sunshine. But when a mysterious stranger joins the cruise ship, fiction and fact become dangerously confused.

 When Lyn Redford’s sandal hurtles across the deck of the cruise ship, it makes her first introduction to Henry Matasie rather hostile. It wasn’t just that the man was seriously grumpy; he was a walking wardrobe disaster. Do you really need to wear woollen socks with your shorts in the Caribbean heat?

Following an embarrassing encounter in the cocktail bar with Henry, Lyn and her travelling companion Shona try to find out the reason for his strange behaviour. Later, when Lyn accidentally reads his e-mail, she is convinced the man in the blue flowered shorts is deadly dangerous.

When Henry swaps his awful holiday clothes for a dress suit to attend the gala dinner the transformation sets Lyn’s pulse racing. But she is convinced he still hides a guilty secret and she is intent on discovering what it is.

Read an excerpt  here 

Please  drop over to my web site  www.susanlodge.com  or visit my Amazon page  and find out more about  about my books including the sequel The Man in The Buff Breeches

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