Four bells ! But it’s the dog watch so we can push off early. The naval clock.

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‘Jane put her fingers in her mouth and let out a loud, high-pitched whistle, which caused the whole watch to instantly turn in her direction. A babble of loud, confused voices swept through the lower deck. They responded to bells and hails, but none were too sure what this particular whistle indicated.’  Extract from – Rebellious Cargo. 

I was devastated Monday night when my alarm failed to go off at 3.30 am, in order to haul myself out of bed to watch the lunar eclipse. I was determined to witness the red moon, but sadly  I woke up at 4.15 am, just in time to miss the whole show.

Alarm bells and calls to action bombard us these days. I’m  still not sure which particular ring, shudder, whistle or ditty indicates what is happening on my electronic devices.

IMG00094-20120427-1221This would not have been a problem in the days of…

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